SIP Advantage

IsoLoc manufactures construction solutions utilizing our certified state-of-the-art SIPs (structural insulated panels). Our construction solutions can be used to build homes, commercial buildings, and warehouses – or any type of structure normally built using traditional construction methods and materials.

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY EFFICIENCY SIP panels have higher R-Value ratings than stick framed shells. This superior thermal performance is due to virtually airtight panels that have continual foam webbing as insulation. As a result of this increased energy efficiency, occupants enjoy greater control over the indoor interior environment. Moreover, occupants enjoy reduced energy costs as heating fuels inevitably increase. In the case of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer of rigid insulation, SIPs achieve U-Values as low as 0.22 Watts per Meter Squared Kelvin or better, making significant savings of up to 60% on your annual heating costs

Environmental Friendly

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS SIPs are environmentally friendly. A SIP building produces less CO2 than a conventional stick framed building, thereby reducing dangerous green house gases. SIP panel buildings are more airtight. This increased thermal performance results in decreased heating and cooling costs and reduces the necessity of fossil fuel based energies.  SIP buildings create less on-the-job waste than stick-framed construction. This not only reduces costs associated with trash removal, but saves landfill space and reduces toxic emissions from waste burning disposal facilities.

Cost Efficiency

COST EFFICIENCY SIP shells can be erected much faster than stick-framed shells, in some cases cutting construction time by up to three times. This increased speed not only saves money but allows for the building to be “closed in” much faster. This is especially important in climates that are weather dependent. Moreover, this speed efficiency can reduce the potential for on-the-site theft, a very serious problem for a stick-framed structure undergoing lengthy construction.

Superior Strength

SUPERIOR STRENGTH SIP buildings are strong, with some SIPs testing at 7 times stronger than conventional timber frame. SIPs have been rigorously tested and analyzed over the years and have been found to have superior racking resistance as well as transverse and axial loading capabilities that far exceed those of conventional stick framing.

For example, a conventional stick frame two by four wall system (8′) is rated for a truss (point) load of about 2,400 pounds/lineal foot with no redundancy (engineering room for error). The same wall in SIPs is rated at over 5,000 pounds/ lineal foot with 3X redundancy (meaning anticipated failure is 15,000 pounds/lineal foot). Similar numbers apply to wind shear, uplift, span loading, etc.